Media Marketing Services

VentureNet Capital Group, Inc. provides media marketing services for publicly traded companies.

We will provide the following services:
  1. Arrange up to 6 investor meetings, lunches/dinners with at least 40-60 investors attending.
  2. Arrange for a Company report to be prepared & distributed to 85,000 brokers, financial consultants such as UBS, Morgan Stanley, Charles Schwab, Well Fargo Advisors, Bank of America Advisors, Fidelity Investments, etc. You will reach millions of self-directed investors who have online brokerage accounts.
  3. We will arrange to position your company for review/analysis by the most extensive sell-side, buy-side and individual investor audience.
  4. Feature your company to two exclusive, high net-worth individual investor groups.
  5. Conduct audio-taped CEO Webcast/Audio press releases.
  6. Conduct radio interviews on the Wall Street News Hour & other financial radio programs.
  7. Contact your NOBO list shareholders with email alerts & upcoming events.
  8. Your Company report will reach 160,000 active individual investors at over 16,000 investment clubs.
  9. Your Company report will also reach 150,000 active, self-directed investors with average portfolios in excess of $1 million.
  10. Arrange for your Company to be included in financial newsletters, publications sent to brokers, investors, investment bankers monthly.
  11. Feature your Company on financial websites.
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