Reverse Mergers

We have clean shells in inventory to take companies public via a reverse merger. We also prepare S-1 Registration Statements and Form 10 Filings to take companies public. We handle all the legal work, filings, market makers to file Form 211, access to capital, institutional and retail support for your stock. In addition, we arrange for research reports, conduct investor roadshows, investment conferences, and investor meetings.

Step-by-Step: The Process
We are committed to ensuring an easy step-by-step transition that you can understand and feel confident that the merger is done quickly, efficiently, and within regulatory compliance. What follows is a simplified step-by-step guide for a reverse merger.

Step 1 - Contact us. We need a brief outline of your current status and goals for your Company.

Step 2 - Sign Consulting/Listing/Non-Disclosure/Non-Circumvent agreement.

Step 3 - Have or be prepared to develop a written business plan. (You will need to have this after the merger to instigate stock trading or to obtain additional financing, including audited current financial information.)

Step 4 - We will provide you with the public shell corporate details and total costs as well as the proposed structure for the transaction.

Step 5 - Upon payment of an initial commitment fee of $50,000 non-refundable retainer, the process will begin. We will send you a due diligence questionnaire and a list of any other requirements for you to begin working on.

Step 6 - Closing of the merger, in which full payment is due. You will then receive the stock and delivery of your publicly held company. Included in this package are the following items:

   A. Minute book - updated to closing

   B. Articles of incorporation

   C. By Laws

   D. Resolution of transfer

   E. Resignation letters from existing directors

   F. Filing receipt of the state of incorporation

   G. Attorney written Opinion letter attesting to the validity and condition of the public corporation

   H. Audited balance sheet

   I. Stock certificates representing shares issued to your shareholders in the merger with the public corporation

   J. Current stock transfer record

   K. Completed filing with the Securities Exchange Commission

   L. Assistance in filing Form 211.

   M. Introduction to a Market Maker and their 15(c)2-11 coordinator

   N. Introduction to Financial Investor Relations / Public Relations Firm, if desired.

There are very few firms who can provide complete corporate securities guidance & due diligence, clean public shells, and close contacts with registered Market Makers. VentureNet Capital Group, Inc. is the firm to take you public. We also have a team of consultants that can help you organize your company and develop a complete and distinguished Business Plan.

Whether you are an ongoing profitable company or a start-up, we can help you realize your goals. If you are considering a reverse merger or interested in some of our other services, please contact us to discuss your situation.
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